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De Bousquet Professional Corporation strives to provide excellent service, no matter the nature or scope of the case. ​We distinguish ourselves in strategic, service-driven approach and dedication to the success of our clients. When you work with us, you'll get the attention you deserve and the support of a lawyer who fights to protect your interests.

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De Bousquet offers experienced counsel and representation in multiple aspects of employment law, labour relations, human rights law and civil litigation.So if you're facing a legal matter, don't do it alone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options. Count on De Bousquet for innovation, results and value.


Working with De Bousquet is easy and hassle-free and rates are kept reasonable to serve your needs. We represent our clients using a number of different arrangements including flat fees, contingency fee agreements and competitive hourly rates. At De Bousquet PC, we believe that hiring the most expensive lawyer is no guarantee of service or results.

Toronto Employment Law Firm

When you have been wrongfully dismissed from your employment, or have experienced discrimination in the workplace, it is important for you to seek legal advice and counsel from a qualified employment law firm. De Bousquet PC Barristers & Solicitors, with offices in Toronto and Mississauga, possesses the knowledge, skills, experience and commitment to succeed in employment law matters.

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  • Mr De Bousquet is very knowledgeable efficient, timely and personable.He represented me in a legal matter and impressed me with his experience and dedication to a successful conclusion on my behalf.I would recommend Mr DeBousquet to anyone that requires a lawyer without reservation .
  • “With little time before trial I retained the services of Jean Alexander De Bousquet who quickly prepared all that was necessary. If you are wanting a lawyer with the wisdom of an owl and eye of an eagle then overlooking the services Mr. De Bousquet has to offer could be to your own detriment. The most expensive lawyer is no guarantee of service or results.”
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