What should I do if my employer did not pay me or I was denied overtime pay?

Employees are what make great businesses great, and, as an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly by your employer. As an employee you are protected by a number of complex laws established to contribute to your overall well-being while on the job. You have a legal right to the wages you have earned through your hard work and other statutory entitlements, such as overtime pay. You should not hesitate to contact a wages and overtime pay lawyer if you feel that you have been deprived of your legal rights.

Regardless of whether you are a temporary or permanent, full-time or part-time, employee, your relationship with your employer is governed by your employment contract, which will stipulate the pay to which you are entitled for your work. This contract, which need not to be written, must comply with certain statutory minimums regarding wages and overtime pay which are contained in employment-protection legislation. The law requires you to be paid the minimum wage for every hour you work, which may vary depending on the nature of your profession. While your employer may pay you in cash, they must issue you a record or pay slip every time you are paid. This ensures that your employer will not avoid paying required employer contributions, such as employment insurance. In addition, you are not required to work more than a certain number of hours per week, and you must be paid overtime pay after working 44 hours in one week. If you have been denied any of these rights, your employer may have been acting illegally, and you may be entitled to a wrongful termination claim and adequate compensation for your mistreatment.

The following are some examples of wage and overtime disputes:

  • Your employer refuses to pay you the overtime work pay rate for working extra hours
  • You are earning less than the legally-required minimum wage per hour of your work
  • The wages that you earned have been withheld by your employer

During the initial consultation we will help you to:

  • Determine whether you have been treated unfairly by your employer
  • Recognize your legal entitlements under the Employment Standards Act, Canada Labour Code and other statutory instruments
  • Understand all of your possible options going forward
  • Create a strategy tailored to your case in order to provide you with best outcome in your case

If your employer has denied you your earned wages or overtime, you should not have to face your struggle alone.

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