What should I do if my employer has punished me for asserting my legal rights?

Employees are what make great businesses great, and, as an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly by your employer. As an employee you are protected by a number of complex laws established to contribute to your overall well-being while on the job. However these laws would serve no purpose if employers were allowed to retaliate and punish you for asserting your legal rights. If you believe that your employer took an unfair action against you after you requested your legal rights, we can help.

Most employment protection legislation contains anti-reprisal provisions prohibiting your employer from punishing you when you attempt to assert your rights under these laws. Often your employer will be prohibited from threatening or punishing you both if you have tried to assert your rights and if you have merely enquired about the availability of your rights.

The following are some examples of situations of retaliation or reprisal:

  • Your employer threatened you with termination of employment after you asked for overtime pay that you are entitled to
  • Your employer issued you a warning after you enquired about your rights regarding pay
  • Your employer terminated your employment after you retained a lawyer to help enforce your rights regarding a valid promise regarding extra pay

During the initial consultation we will help you to:

  • Determine whether you are facing retaliation and reprisals from your employer
  • Recognize your legal entitlements under the Employment Standards Act, the Canada Labour Code and other statutory instruments
  • Understand all of your possible options going forward
  • Create a strategy tailored to your case in order to provide you with best outcome in your case

If you have been a subject of retaliation or reprisal from your employer, you should not have to face your struggle alone.

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