What should I do if I was denied workers’ compensation after an injury?

Employees are what make great businesses great, and, as an employee, you are entitled to a variety of benefits if you are injured at work. If you believe that you were wrongfully denied workers’ compensation benefits, we can help.

In Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board administers the workers’ compensation scheme under a separate statute, which sets out the benefits that you are entitled to by law in the case of a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” scheme, and you are entitled to benefits under it regardless of whose fault the injury was. The injury may occur while in the workplace. However many injuries occur years later due to health problems that develop because of the nature of your employment. Workers’ compensation benefits cover both accidents and injuries to your health that occur over time, including if your work made your already existing health condition worse, or your workplace injury leads to another further injury to your health. Workers’ compensation may also protect you from psychological, as opposed to merely physical, injury. Due to the complexity of this area of law, it is important to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible after your injury, in order to determine and protect your rights.

The following are some examples of disputes regarding workers’ compensation:

  • Your workers’ compensation claim is denied by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • You return to work after a workplace injury, but your employer refuses to acknowledge the physical restrictions on your work as recommended by your doctor. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board then denies you benefits because of your non-cooperation with your employer regarding your injuries
  • Your employer tries to deny you health insurance benefits because of the color of your skin

During the initial consultation we will help you to:

  • Determine whether you have been treated unfairly by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Recognize your legal entitlements under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • Understand all of your possible options going forward and the possibility of appealing to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Create a strategy tailored to your case in order to provide you with best outcome in your case

If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, you should not have to face your struggle alone.

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